4R Systems, Inc. a leading provider of advanced omni retail inventory and supply chain solutions, announced it will be presenting at the 2018 LATAM Retail Show in Brazil. The company uses science and technology to help retailers maximize profit from their omni retail inventory investment.

LATAM Retail Show is the premier event for retail, franchise, e-commerce, food service and shopping centers in Latin America. The LATAM Retail Show brings together content of strategic relevance with a broad area of exposure of that present solutions and favor networking and business effectiveness.

Kevin Stadler, President & CEO said, “While this is our first year attending the LATAM Retail show, we have no shortage of experience in Latin American markets. We have a presence in Brazil and we are eager to meet with new executives, to equip them on how they can optimize their supply chain.” Stadler continued, “A common problem for retailers is selecting the right products, at the right time, at the right locations. Our solutions help determine the perfect assortment, which maximizes retail profits.”

During his presentation, Stadler will show retailers how to analyze the everyday shopper’s buying behavior using retail data pattern recognition principles and applying those to the typical retail environment. Using real examples from 4R’s suite of inventory solutions, Stadler will also present a more profitable approach to consumer patterns and show how assortment optimization improved the profits of one of its clients, a global high end luxury retail business.

Retailers can learn more about 4R’s retail solutions by visiting http://4rsystems.com/. Connect with 4R Systems on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter for insightful industry trends and best practices.

About 4R Systems
4R Systems is a leading provider of advanced inventory and supply chain services, which help retailers gain significantly increased profits by optimizing their omnichannel inventory and related supply chain decisions. Founded by supply chain experts from The Wharton School and Harvard Business School, 4R provides capabilities that profit optimize the matching of supply and demand. From initial launch through replenishment to end-of-life for products—ranging from short-lived fashion items to long term staples—4R provides retailers with services that fit their business. Clients using 4R have seen increases in profitability of 1-2 % of sales as a result of higher sales levels on lowered inventory. Call (610) 644-1234 or visit http://www.4rsystems.com.

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